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Over the years, Marksoft has successfully accomplished more than 200 projects. With representative offices in Finland, Ukraine and Cyprus, we can provide efficient service to clients all over the world. This office distribution and use of modern communications technology help our clients contact Marksoft around the clock.

Our clients are companies and persons who believe our services to be the essential part of their business:

  • Dreamscape dental – a company specializing in dental technologies.
  • Colpotrax – a developer and producer of medical equipment.
Repair and Construction
  • «Spezstroyservice» - a research-and-development firm, provider of building and construction work.
  • «Altera» - a multiproduct construction company, manufacturer and assembler of metalware.
  • «UkrSpezStroy» - a construction company, provider of construction and repair work.
Audio-, Video-, and Multimedia
  • RSS – a sound-recording company.
Information Technology
  • Netox – a software development company.
Finance, Jurisprudence, and Real Estate
  • INC Limited - a firm specializing in registration and administration of companies in various jurisdictions.
  • B&I Property Management Limited – a real estate company.
Retail and Wholesale, Import, and Export
  • Deamarim – an importer of hygiene accommodations.
  • TopSales – an e-wholesale system.
  • Top3Dnet – an e-commerce company.
Art and Architecture
  • Kisilyova N.N. – an artist.
To review all implemented projects, please click Portfolio link, or Contact us for clients’ references.